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Depp Jr: how Johnny Depp's "secret" son Jack grew up (photo)?


The guy grows up in the shadow of a famous family.

While Johnny Depp's eldest daughter Lily-Rose enjoys fame, acting in films and videos, the actor's son is far from stellar life. The guy is already 21, but in the eyes of the press he lives as a recluse. Jack Depp is a mysterious figure. The youngest heir to the on-screen pirate was born by model and singer Vanessa Paradis. The boy grew up in his mother's homeland, in France, so he speaks French as his native language. Almost nothing is known about his studies and hobbies, only that Jack has loved music since childhood - here he followed in his father's footsteps. The young man himself composes songs and even at school he created his own group, which the parent was incredibly proud of.

Depp Jr. avoids social networks and once again tries not to get caught by the paparazzi. However, sometimes journalists manage to catch a star boy. This photo shows how Jack grew up. Papa's features are easily guessed. Thick dark hair, sharp brown eyes, slightly furrowed eyebrows - it is not for nothing that the press calls him a copy of his father.


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