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"Confused with a club?" Children's Voice Viewers shocked by Loboda's very revealing dress


Parents did not understand why the singer came to the project in this dress

"The singer decided not to relax the audience “Loboda confused a children's competition with a club? Someone would explain to her the appropriateness of clothes. "

"She could have dressed more modestly for the children's" Voice "!"

“Explain someone to Svetlana Loboda that she is working on a CHILDREN'S project, and therefore she should not dress like a roadside girl. Is there a sense of reality in general? "


Svetlana Loboda shocked the kids with a deep neckline

Approximately the same reaction from viewers of children's "Voice" after the first release of the eighth season, which was aired on February 12. Children are adorable!

But Svetlana Loboda made a splash . The scandalous singer decided not to relax the audience of the children's show and appeared at the recording of the first issue in a suit with an extreme neckline. In a revealing outfit, Svetlana danced, jumped on a red chair and made it clear in every possible way that she was set up for the most energetic and active work as a mentor.

However, this did not turn the children away from the singer. Of course, they know that Svetlana has over 6 million followers and therefore it is best to go to her. Little vocalists often preferred Loboda to Basta or Egor Kreed.


Parents did not understand why the singer came to the project in this dress

After the scandalous victory of Mikella Abramova , daughter of Alsou, in the sixth season of Children's Voice, the Ukrainian artist hinted that she was not going to continue working in the show anymore. But the hungry year of the pandemic made Svetlana reconsider her views - now she is eager to help the kids become real stars.

- After filming you feel wildly tired, - the mentor admits. - And you practically don't talk, because you give a lot of emotions to children. When children don't get through [into the project], we have to use all our leverage and resources to explain why we didn't turn around. My heart hurts, but this is also part of the " Voice . Children" project . How do I unfold my chair? Get into my heart.

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