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Coach of Margarita Mamun, Amina Zaripova commented on her upcoming wedding

Triumphant of Olympics in Rio, gymnast Margarita Mamun (20), has been dating swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov (28) for three years. According to rumors, they are going to get married: "We've been dating for three years, of course, I thought about the wedding. I have not yet proposed to Rita. It will be very nice!” - Alexander admitted.

Coach of Margarita Mamun, Amina Zaripova (40) disliked Sukhorukov, but accepted the choice of her pupil.

"Rita is not 15 years old. But a few years ago, when Margarita first met Sasha, I, like any mother, suffered terribly and, frankly, I was jealous. I noted his flaws, tried to "explain" to Rita that she does not need all this. When Rita was going on a date with Sasha, I just went crazy: where did she go, my girl? Well, I've pulled myself together and said, this is her life, let her do what she wants. Because I have exactly the same story: Irina Viner-Usmanova was totally against my novel with Lesha. Time passed, until she fell in love with him. So, a year later Rita suddenly told me openly: "I know you do not like Sasha." I was taken aback. I hadn't allowed myself to go making threats against Sasha. Alexander is beautiful, with a beautiful figure - how can you not like him? (Laughs.) And I said Rita: "If you like him, then I do!" After the World Cup I let her go for five days to Los Angeles, where Sasha trained. What can I say, my girl fell in love”, - said the coach of Margarita Mamun to the portal

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