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Clear evidence of the secret wedding of Priluchnyy and Brutyan


The Russian actor Pavel Priluchnyy married the actress Zepyur Brutyan. The admins of the telegram channel "Nemalakhov" made such a conclusion after finding seemingly irrefutable evidence on the Web. It turned out that Zepyur, registered as an individual entrepreneur, changed her last name to Priluchnaya.

“The name of the IP has been changed from Brutyan Zepyur Arshakovna to Priluchnaya Zepyur Arshakovna,” follows from the database . Evidence of the wedding of Priluchnyy and Brutyan. Screenshot 

Priluchnyy and his girlfriend themselves do not comment on the information that they tied the knot. Recall that in May, some documents from the registry office appeared on the Web, the authenticity of which has not been confirmed. They claimed that Pavel and Zepyur got married. Some fans decided that this was a good PR move - they say that the actors are trying to attract attention to themselves for the sake of advertising the new film. 

Pavel Priluchnyy is a Russian theater and film actor who gained fame after the release of the film "On the Game". One of the most high-profile projects with the participation of the artist was the series "Major". In childhood and adolescence, Pavel was seriously engaged in boxing and choreography, which later came in handy for him in acting. 


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