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Barbie Botox: The movie "Barbie" sparked a trend for a procedure that makes the neck and shoulders thinner




Margot Robbie in the movie "Barbie"

After the release of the movie "Barbie", a trend appeared on Tiktok for a cosmetic procedure called TrapTox, which allows you to make your neck thinner and your shoulders more graceful. The introduction of Botox in the area between the neck and shoulders allegedly helps to partially relax the trapezius muscles and relieve tension. The Huffington Post writes about this in its material .

According to influencers, the procedure helps to get a more elegant neckline, a smooth silhouette and an elongated neck, like a Barbie doll. The hashtag #BarbieBotox has over 6.7 million views on tiktok. Users share their impressions of the procedure and post photos before and after.


Screenshot from tiktok Screenshot from tiktok

The procedure is not new - however, earlier it was prescribed, as a rule, to patients suffering from neck problems due to any diseases. “I have been doing this for many years. I have many patients who, for medical reasons, need this procedure,” Jazmin Kwong, a specialist in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, told the publication.

Opinions about the effectiveness of the procedure among users differed. Although many are satisfied with the result, there are those who believe that the desired effect is invisible. For example, Katherine Lockhart, one of the first users to share the results of the procedure on social networks, noted that she did not notice a special visual effect from the procedure. At the same time, she added that it became more difficult for her to play sports due to the relaxation of her shoulder muscles. Other interviewees who have tried the procedure on themselves claim that it helps to relax their shoulders and feel more confident.

The injection, which causes slight muscle atrophy and creates the visual effect of losing weight, costs $1,000, and the effect of the procedure lasts about three months. According to experts, the high price discourages many who want to look "like Barbie". 


This is not the first cosmetic procedure that has become popular thanks to "Barbie": girls have previously said on social networks that they resort to the Cool Skulpting procedure in combination with Botox to get thin arms and shoulders, like Margot Robbie's heroine.

Because of this impact on viewers, Barbie has been criticized for imposing unrealistic standards of beauty, despite the fact that the film, according to the creators, carries a feminist message . "While the filmmakers are well-intentioned, simply displaying such images can negatively affect body image and increase the desire for thinness," said Samantha DeCaro, director of clinical work at an eating disorder clinic.

Dr. Jess Sprengle, who works with patients with eating disorders, also notes the dissonance between the film's message and the visuals. In her opinion, the director of the film, Greta Gerwig, simultaneously tried to adhere to the values ​​voiced in the film, and wanted to show the audience what they want to see.

The premiere of the film "Barbie" with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling took place on July 21. In the first three weeks after its release, the film grossed more than one billion dollars. As The Sun reported today, citing sources in the film industry, the creators of Barbie are planning a sequel to the film due to record fees.

Due to the large-scale advertising campaign, "Barbie" has become the most talked about event of the season. The film also influenced fashion trends: barbicore-style looks became the most popular among representatives of show business and the fashion world.

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