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Artemiy Panarin proposed to his girlfriend! Recall the love story of Artemiy and Alisa Znarok

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Artemiy Panarin proposed to Alisa Znarok

Forward NHL club “New York Rangers” Artemiy Panarin proposed to his girlfriend Alisa Znarok. The engagement was announced by the daughter of the head coach of the Moscow Spartak on Instagram. The girl posted a photo with a hockey player on which she is seen with a ring on her ring finger. Alisa and Artemiy met during the 2015 World Hockey Championship. And a year later they began to date. The wedding was planned for the summer of 2020, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, it is not yet known when the highest paid NHL hockey player and his chosen one can still arrange the celebration.

New York Rangers Artemiy Panarin Alisa Znarok

One of the brightest couples in Russian sports is planning a wedding. Another stellar Russian hockey player is about to get married - Rangers forward Artemiy Panarin proposed to his girlfriend Alisa Znarok, daughter of Spartak head coach Oleg Znarok. True, judging by the photo with a caption on Instagram “05/08/2019”, which was posted today by both Artemiy and Alisa, everything was decided a year ago - they simply did not talk about it publicly.

Panarin wanted to organize a wedding this summer, but the coronavirus pandemic intervened. He told about this in an interview with Gornyatsky Pravda:

“We planned wedding for this summer, but you yourself see what is happening in the world,” said Artemiy. In the same interview, the hockey player recalled the story of his acquaintance with Alisa and the beginning of their relationship:

- Somehow with a friend flew to rest in Monaco. And not far in Nice, Znarok spent time with his wife and daughters - Lera and Alisa. We come, more because of the girls, but they were absent. But we couldn't ask their father where they were. Inconveniently. We had lunch together, walked, took pictures with Znark. He then had a regular phone, so he asked me to send Alisa our joint photos. I seized the opportunity to establish contact in this way with Alisa, whom I personally did not know. I write to her on Instagram, she replied a week later. He said that I want to send pictures with her father. Alisa reset her email address. This does not suit me, I got her WhatsApp, sent the photo, wrote a couple of times. But she ignored me. I was angry, but what could I do then? And here comes the challenge to the Russian team for the World Cup in Moscow in the spring of 2016. Alisa then tried herself as a commentator on Match TV, was next to the team. In general, I invited her for a walk. And ... We are still walking! - explained Panarin.

At the same time, as now with the wedding, Artemiy and Alisa for a long time did not announce their relationship in the media and social networks. Even though most journalists already knew what was going on, at least thanks to the famous dog Red, who more and more often began to appear on Instagram with the striker. And the first joint photos of Panarin and Alisa Znarok began to appear in the summer of 2018.

Since then, they moved from Columbus to New York, and now Artemiy is preparing to resume the NHL season, in which his team, apparently, will continue to perform.

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