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Anna Sedokova spoke about her strange wedding with Janis Timma

The 37-year-old singer married a 29-year-old footballer. Anna Sedokova and Janis Timma got married. Photo: Instagram. Singer Anna Sedokova and Khimki forward Janis Timma got married on 6 September. But the celebration became known only now, when the newlyweds came to the show "Evening Urgant".

According to the singer, if not for the invitation of Channel One, she and Janis would have kept the fact of their marriage a secret. Moreover, the wedding took place quietly, without unnecessary noise. During the show, Anna shared some details of the celebration. The bride and groom arranged a wedding in Barvikha, near Moscow.

- We did not hide from anyone, we arrived at the hotel in advance, and the next day we tied the knot, - said Janis.

Anna Sedokova and Janis Timma got married. Photo: social networks.

There were no guests at the celebration: at the time of the wedding, only Anna's children from previous marriages and a photographer were in the hall. Even the parents of the newly-married couple did not know that they were married. “We told them about it the next day, and they congratulated us,” Sedokova said.

Immediately after the wedding, Janis had to go to training. And Anna immediately returned to everyday affairs. Despite the short duration of the ceremony, Sedokova wore a gorgeous dress from Zuhair Murad. The wedding dresses of this designer cost an average of half a million rubles. But, apparently, the groom decided not to save on his beloved. Earlier, for the engagement, he gave Anna a ring with luxurious diamonds.

Anna Sedokova received a marriage proposal two months ago. The artist and the athlete got engaged while on vacation in Miami. Janis presented Anya with a ring and a bouquet of roses. The singer, without hesitation, said "yes".

Janis is a wealthy groom: according to some sources, he earns about a million dollars a year. The basketball player for the sake of an affair with ex-VIA Gra left his family - his wife and child. Before moving to Sedokova, Janis hid the affair for six months and secretly met with the artist.

The athlete was not even embarrassed by the fact that Anna Sedokova is 9 years older than him, and she has three children. True, only two of her offspring live permanently with her - daughter Alina and son Hector. Another daughter of the singer Monica lives with her father, Ukrainian businessman Maxim Chernyavsky, in Los Angeles. The singer gave birth to her youngest child, son Hector, in April 2017. The father of the baby was businessman Artem Komarov (son of billionaire Andrei Komarov), who heads his own construction business. Immediately after the birth of the baby, the couple broke up. The singer gave birth to the eldest daughter Alina (she is 15 years old) from the football player Valentin Belkevich.


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