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Anna Sedokova filmed boyfriend Janis Timma in her new "Warmer" music video

Today, 37-year-old Anna Sedokova introduced a new video for the song "Warmer." The video, which includes frames of video calls of quarantined friends and lovers, was shot on self-isolation. The singer showed off in the video an excerpt of her video connection with the 27-year-old lover Janis Timma - the singer and the basketball player performed self-isolation separately: Anna was in Moscow, and Janis was in Riga.

One day I woke up and thought that for two weeks I had not seen my man who had been with me every day for two months before quarantine. Distance separates not only us, but also many other people around the world. I want to call my beloved, support each other; to say that it’s getting warmer with them. The love that we show in the video is real, sincere, unlimited. She is stronger than the circumstances in which we are all now, ”said Anna. Other stars such as DJ Smash, Misha Marvin and Anatoly Tsoi, who were suspected of allegedly being the father of the singer’s son, also appeared in Sedokova’s video.

The star herself admits that this clip is full of love and she considers it her best work. Now we will definitely feel warmer from the fact that we can finally meet with our loved ones and relatives! For quarantine, we rethought a lot and learned to appreciate what we have. We definitely became better and remembered what it was like to miss loved ones, not having the opportunity to get together, ”says the artist.

Anna Sedokova and Yanis Timma in the video “Warmer”

Anatoly Tsoi in the video of Anna Sedokova “Warmer”

PHOTOS Images from the clip

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