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Anna Sedokova explained why women need to ask for money from men


Many "strong girls" are afraid of this, the singer said. The ex-soloist of the group "VIA Gra" Anna Sedokova believes that if a woman does not ask her man for money, the couple risks breaking up.

- When you ask for help, you show your weakness. Many strong girls are afraid of this. I am sure many of my subscribers never ask their husband to buy something for themselves, - wrote Sedokova in the Instagram story, answering a question from one of the subscribers about whether it is right to ask her man for help.


Photo © Instagram / annasedokova

She added that by forbidding themselves such requests, girls "deprive men of the joy" to help them and feel strong.

Such doubts, the singer noted, call into question the possibilities of a man, which in the end can destroy any relationship.


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