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Anastasia Reshetova's secret lover gave her an "ultimatum"


Anastasia Reshetova continues to hold public's interest in her personal life. The other day, the girl returned from Dubai, where she spent time with her son Ratmir. Surprisingly, later her ex-lover Timati joined her. The rapper settled in the same hotel with his ex-girlfriend and spent a lot of time with her. Reshetova was not at all against such a neighbor, which is why discussions on the Internet began again about the resumption of their romance. In addition, Anastasia boasted of a luxurious bouquet she received as a gift. Fans instantly decided that the mysterious donator was Timati. But Natalia Rudova, a friend of Reshetova, denied this rumor.

It looks like the model has a new admirer. The admirer keeps giving Reshetova bouquets in Moscow. Anastasia got sick, now she sits at home and is being treated, and the chosen one decided to please the girl with another bunch of flowers. The man also left a note with wishes of health - though written in a very strange manner. “I forbid you to get sick, I allow you to smile,” the postcard said. Followers were confused by the wording of the sender's thoughts. According to Anastasia's fans, the fan seems to be writing in an ultimatum - it's not at all cute, and leads to certain reflections. The man clearly has the habits of a dictator, and after all, Reshetova previously said that she really does not like excessive restrictions in relationships.


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