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Alex Smurfit told why he broke up with Victoria Bonya


Alex Smurfit told why he broke up with Victoria Bonya

TV star Victoria Bonya announced her parting with Alex Smerfit only six months after the couple made this decision. Girlfriends assure that it all started much earlier, just the star did not want to admit defeat. Today in the media there was a commentary on the very culprit of the gossip - 31-year-old Alex Smerfit.

“I respect my previous and invaluable relationship with my child's mother, Victoria. It was not an easy decision, given the rumors and all the rubbish circulating on the Internet. We still care about each other, and this will always be the case. Our love is unconditional, but sometimes outbursts of anger lead to misunderstandings, especially now that we live separately. After all, we are only human. From now on, please respect our privacy and do not expect comments on this topic. We wish each other only happiness, ”the newspaper quotes his address.

Victoria is pleased with the attention from her now former lover. Rumor has it that he recently removed her from his friends on social networks because of jealousy of the famous football player Fabio Cannavaro, whom she interviewed, and after the woman deleted this picture, he subscribed again. Whether this is true or not is not known for certain.

Everyone knows that the athlete has a beloved Daniela, whom he met when he was 18 years old, together they are raising three children - sons Andrea and Christian, and daughter Martina. Fabio, following the example of David Beckham, immortalized his affection on his body in the form of tattoos. Nevertheless, in the comments, 37-year-old Bonya rejoices: the ex is still jealous of her.

The couple spent 7 years together. Since then, both have changed a lot, fans say: Smurfit has matured, and Bonya has become a completely different person.


Now they live separately. The star is engaged in his projects, and the billionaire is engaged in his personal life and the upbringing of their common daughter Angelina. Since the marriage between them was not concluded, and the civil agreement of solidarity (Pacte civil de solidarité) was not signed, Victoria was left after parting with nothing, according to Russian media. Photo:,

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