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Alesya Kafelnikova unhappy in marriage? Who is Georgy Petrishin really




Mom of Alesya Kafelnikova made an alarming statement - her daughter is being abused by her husband George Petrishin. Allegedly, Alesya's husband records videos compromising the model and sends them to certain people. Kafelnikova herself has already hinted that her mother’s words should not be believed. But still, what kind of person is Georgy Petrishin and is there any reason for concern? We understand.

Before meeting with Alesya, Petrishin was already quite famous in the Moscow secular party, and this popularity was of a certain nature. Behind George's eyes, he was called a "collector" of star hearts. Indeed, the man's name regularly surfaced in the press only in the context of another love affair with a famous woman. So, we study the chapters of his affairs.

Through construction to the stars

The reputation of a man who is looking for an influential companion of higher status stuck to Petryshyn when he worked at the Mirax construction company, owned by the scandalous businessman Sergei Polonsky.

There, George had an office romance with a colleague Irina Bortnovskaya, who served as director of the PR and public relations department and was higher than Petrishin in position. Rumors immediately arose in the team that the young man was using a woman to move up the career ladder. How everything was actually completely incomprehensible - like many circumstances of Petryshyn's life, everything is shrouded in mystery.

But be that as it may, the romance did not last long, and soon after that George left the company and started his own advertising business.

However, the period of work at Mirax brought Petrishin certain benefits - it was then that he became well-known in Russian show business, since the company was engaged in elite real estate in the capital and abroad and had its own connections in the world of stars.

"TV Girls"


Petryshin's first beloved was the singer Rita Dakota. He managed to charm her so instantly that a week after they met, Rita moved in with him. The lovers hung out and traveled together - in general, it seemed that the affair was developing according to the usual scenario, but after a year and a half it all ended abruptly. The real reasons are again shrouded in darkness, but there were cheating rumors.

Dakota has no warm memories of the former boyfriend. It was as if a veil had been lifted, and Rita unveiled the whole truth about Petrishin: “I met George Petrishin. But honestly, I don't want to talk about it! Alas, it was a sad experience. You know, there are these guys: they love *** (make love. - Approx.ed.) TV, as they say.

Petrishin did not grieve for a long time - they began to appear in public with Nastya Zadorozhnaya and Victoria Daineko. Attempts to seduce beauties, it seems, did not go quite according to plan. At least, Zadorozhnaya then publicly laughed at Petryshyn's passion for famous girls.

“Are you still attracted to famous chicks?” she once asked him on social media.


Social network 

Well, the indefatigable Petrishin at that time was already ardently courting Anfisa Chekhova, but her boyfriend's importunate attention soon got bored. The man's love affairs soon became the main reason for his media exposure.

“Lovelace went hunting again”, “Collector of famous girls” - the most common definitions that the press awarded Petryshyn.

Pushing around between these secular beauties, in 2011 George met Svetlana Khodchenkova. To the surprise of many, the businessman struck up a strong relationship with her.

Groom of Khodchenkova


By the way, Nastya Zadorozhnaya introduced them when they all ended up in one of the restaurants at the Mafia game. Svetlana and George quickly found a common language and soon began to go out together. The actress was completely fascinated by her lover.

“I feel very comfortable with this person... We love gambling. In general, there is something more between us than just a passion for the game. Something ephemeral, you can’t say with words, ”she confessed in conversations with reporters.

The beautiful romance reached its climax in May 2015, when Petryshyn proposed to his beloved - and how! After the performance of Svetlana, Georgy went up to the stage of the Film Actor Theater on bows and, in front of the entire auditorium, knelt down in front of Khodchenkova. The actress agreed, and the audience burst into applause.

Everything went to the wedding, when suddenly in 2016 the couple broke up. What caused it is, again, a mystery. Some talked about an old quarrel between lovers, which again ruined their relationship, others whispered that Svetlana allegedly found out some unpleasant facts about her chosen one.

However, after a couple of years, Khodchenkova and Petrishin were again spotted together - in the company of mutual friends, they rested in Bali. It was said that Georgy tried his best to get Khodchenkova to give him a second chance, but nothing came of it. After the breakup, Khodchenkova was no longer so talkative - the journalists did not wait for the actress to comment on the ex-fiance, and Svetlana herself became very secretive and has not particularly spread about her personal life since then.

Family life with Kafelnikova


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In 2020, there were rumors that Petrishin was having an affair with the model and daughter of tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov Alesya. They were soon confirmed. The novel developed very rapidly, and George himself was very persistent. Seeing Alesya in one of the restaurants, Petrishin did everything to impress the girl and be remembered by her. George did not take his eyes off Alesya, and the next morning the model received a luxurious bouquet of flowers from him. However, at first the guy's behavior alerted Alesya. For example, this is how she recalled the moment they met in a restaurant:

“I noticed that he continues to look at me, look right all the time, while I eat, talk, spend time in the company of my friends, he did not look away. It confused me. I don't like being followed, it makes me paranoid. I didn’t understand why the dude was staring at me while I was eating.”


Social network 

But then Kafelnikova thawed out and already called Petrishin the best man in the world and very reliable. Having survived a difficult relationship with rapper Pharaoh, Alesya now radiated calmness and peace and even admitted that as soon as she met Petrishin, she immediately wanted to become a mother.

Her dream soon came true - Alesya became pregnant from George. When the model was already pregnant, they got married, and in the summer of 2021, Kafelnikova gave birth to a daughter, Kiara. Fans rejoiced that the model finally found her happiness, and this idyll was overshadowed by such disturbing news. According to Alesya's mother, ex-model Maria Tishkova, her husband treats Alesya badly and blackmails her.

Abuse allegations


Social network A scandal began with the fact that in one of her posts, Kafelnikova's mother suddenly wrote about the drama in her daughter's family.

“Pain because of the events in Moscow. This is the return of Alesya, their next scandal with George. He records compromising evidence on her and nightmarish video interrogations. Sends some, in his opinion, the right people. I feel like my financial circumstances and long distance just keep me from jumping in to help. I want to fight Yegor, I want to protect my child, whatever he may be... I know Yegor's parents and I understand that he is also someone's child... But why is he so cruel?! Sometimes in this way people ask to be helped to stop, otherwise they cannot control themselves, ”wrote Tishkova, who lives in Bali, and therefore cannot be near her daughter.

The reaction was not long in coming. Alesya spoke first. She published a short message with which she hinted at the mental problems of her mother. After the topic was supported by Petryshyn himself. In a commentary for journalist Nadezhda Sagittarius, he stated:

“Of course, we are very worried about the mother’s post, especially Alesya. But not because of public opinion, but because a person has problems. I don’t want to take dirty linen out of the hut and talk about them - the issue of mental health is always very painful. There are problems in our family, like in any other, tbut we love each other and mom too. We are worried about her and hope that everything will be fine.”


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Reasons to doubt that there are problems in their family, the spouses have not yet given. Alesya went out with her husband and always looked happy in the photo, however, we also know that it is not always possible to believe the perfect picture from social networks. In addition, in February 2023, Kafelnikova spoke critically of her husband for the first time, accusing him of indifference. Then the model posted a photo on her blog in which she poses in a tight mini dress, and her husband lies on the bed in the background with a tablet in his hands.

“My husband doesn't care. Will I turn away from this drama?” Alesya wrote.

Many then took the post in a playful manner, but now the complaints of the model are perceived in a different light. By the way, although now Kafelnikova stood up for her husband, not all subscribers believed her. Netizens believe that Alesya may be in trouble and urge her to seek help and not be silent if Petryshyn hurts her.

So who is Georgy Petrishin?


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To draw conclusions about a person, you always need to learn more about him. But then all attempts to unravel his personality come to a standstill, because Petrishin is hiding it.

Not much is known about him - his childhood, parents, hobbies, and indeed his life path in general. Mostly dry personal data: born on January 20, 1988 in Moscow, grew up as an obedient child and studied well, began to earn extra money early, graduated from college, the State University of Management and the RANEPA. But what does this say about him as a person? Balanced, knows what he wants from life, achieves goals - such characteristics may well help not only build a career, but also ingratiate himself. In addition, Petrishin's model appearance also helps to win girls over.

Whether such serious accusations against a man are true or false, we have yet to receive an answer to this question. In the meantime, Petryshyn is trying in every possible way to make it clear that from a “collector of girls from TV” he has long turned into an exemplary husband. Or just happy with the "collection"?

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