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Alena Shishkova offered Reshetova help


Alena Shishkova welcomed the birth of the rapper's second child. Former Timati's lover offered Reshetova help

Model Alena Shishkova shows rare diplomacy regarding Timati's new lover, as well as the birth of the son of rapper Ratmir. At first, the ex-lover congratulated Anastasia Reshetova on social networks on the birth of her offspring. And then at all - offered to help in his upbringing. She did this through an appeal on television. 

“If she writes to me and asks about something, I will answer her with pleasure. I will advise and help in any way I can. But there is no such thing that we communicate closely, ”Alena told the journalist of the V Topic program on Yu .

It seems that if things continue in this spirit and further, it is possible that the girls can become friends. After all, Alena manages to maintain a wonderful relationship with her former mother-in-law, Simona Yunusova. Why not then make friends with the new passion of the ex-boyfriend? Do you think girls of one man can become real friends?

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