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Agata Muceniece told why her children do not want to call Pavel Priluchnyy



Pavel Priluchnyy and Agata Muceniece

Last year, Agata Muceniece and Pavel Priluchnyy divorced. This was preceded by loud quarrels, and somehow, according to the actress, her ex-husband even laid a hand on her. However, they were able to mend relationships for the sake of children: 7-year-old Timofey and 4-year-old Mia.

True, children still remember their parents' discord and behave in a special way. In a show on the MamBook YouTube channel, Agatha admitted that Timofey and Mia began to call their father much less often, and this is very alarming for her. @agataagata Agata Muceniece with children


“My children, apparently, because they spend a lot of time with me, stopped calling their dad. Although they have a telephone. This was not the case before, it has come now. None of them want to call. From Pavel's side, accusations begin in my direction: “You turn the children against me. You behave in such a way that they don't want to communicate. " But this is not true! Every day I try to ask the children: "Guys, please call dad," Mutseniece shared. The interlocutors of the actress suggested that the behavior of Mia and Timofey is associated with domestic violence.

"Did they see how he hurt you?" - asked one of the presenters. “They've seen,” Agatha replied.

@bugevuge Pavel Priluchnyy with children The actress also rushed to add that such a reaction of children does not mean that they treat Priluchnyy badly.


“I noticed such a thing behind Timofei, when he misses a person, he does not seek to communicate with him. For example, during the holidays with his father, he did not call me, - shared Muceniece. - But now everything is completely different. If they call dad, they lock themselves in the room. "



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