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Agata Muceniece spoke about the dark sides of marriage with Pavel Priluchnyy


Priluchnyy suppressed his wife and undermined her self-confidence as a person and an artist.

A year has passed since Priluchnyy and Muceniece broke up, but Agatha still has not fully recovered psychologically from her experience in marriage.

They were called the most beautiful couple of Russian cinema, but Agatha's life was more complicated and harder than glossy covers.

During her marriage to Priluchny, Agatha practically lost her self-respect. It seemed to her that she was a pale shadow of a stellar, talented, successful and sexy husband. Priluchny in every possible way cultivated in his wife such an attitude towards herself. In addition to humiliation, it came to assault, but Muceniece was in love and forgave everything.

“I blamed myself for our problems. It seemed to me that I was a bad wife, mother, hostess, I looked bad and did not deserve to be around a man like him, because he is much more beautiful, sexier, more talented than me. When we met, I was a self-confident girl, and in marriage I turned into a depressed and insecure woman, ”Agatha said in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

After the divorce, Agatha allows the children, Mia and Timothy, to see their father and spend time with him. Agatha admits that a father from Paul is much better than a husband. After parting with Priluchny, Muceniece's career went uphill. The actress is not thinking about a new marriage yet, in general, there is no man next to her, Agatha decided to take a time out. Although Agatha has no end to offers of a date.

Recall that on November 29 it became known that Priluchnyy reconciled with Muceniece after the beating .

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