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A girl with elven eyes, who was called the most beautiful in the world: What Laneya Grace looks like and what she does?


This girl began to conquer the world's catwalks at the age of three, when she first starred in advertising. When Laneya Grace was five, she was called the most beautiful girl in the world. She was not only beautiful, but at the same time she was very different from her peers, she was unlike anyone else and was proud of her individuality. This was also appreciated by various brands, which vied with each other to offer the little model’s parents lucrative contracts. However, lately Laneya has not often pleased fans with her appearances in public; she always has other, more important things to do.

Elven look


Laneya Grace. Laneya Grace.

She was born in 2004, and her parents noticed from the first months of her daughter’s life how beautiful she was. True, at that moment they did not attach much importance to her appearance, sincerely believing that all little children were beautiful. Laneya was three years old when she was vacationing on Capitola Beach in California with her mom and dad. Then the girl's father, Thomas Stevenson, took several photographs of his daughter. Subsequently, they seemed so successful to him that he sent photographs of Laneya to the FORD modeling agency in San Francisco.


Laneya Grace. Laneya Grace.

Soon the agent called the girl’s parents and offered to sign a contract before the girl began a short training. A month after signing the contract, Laneya had her first shoot. She delighted everyone present. The girl was not at all shy, she was open and natural, she happily posed in front of the camera and laughed infectiously when someone made her laugh.


Laneya Grace. Laneya Grace.

The photographers, looking at the pictures, asked the parents what nationality the girl was, because before that they had never seen such expressive eyes. They immediately called the baby’s look elfin, both the color and the cut were so unusual. It turned out that Laneya’s family is international, with a lot of blood mixed in it: Filipino, Spanish and many others.


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After the first successful shoot, the young model’s career began to develop rapidly. Over several years of cooperation with the FORD modeling agency, Laneya Grace has achieved impressive results. The girl's mother, Ariel Stevenson, devoted all her time to her daughter. At the same time, she did not force her daughter to do anything; on the contrary, all the filming and shows were just a game for the girl, fun and even exciting. Later, Laneya had to take a short break from her career; due to problems with her teeth, she had to get braces and stop participating in filming and shows for a while. And then the modeling agency completely abandoned working with children.


Laneya Grace. Laneya Grace.

But the “girl with an elfin look” did not remain idle; she was immediately offered a new contract, this time with the Wilhelmina Models agency. And soon Laneya was already collaborating with Guess and Maleficent Toys, Old Navy and Ralph Lauren, taking part in their shows and advertising campaigns. The most interesting thing is that the girl changed with age, but at the same time her beauty did not go away, she simply transformed. READ ALSO: What happened to the charming baby Honey Bubu 10 years after winning a children's beauty contest >>

New Horizons


Laneya Grace. Laneya Grace.

Laneya Grace truly loves what she does. The young model's fees were quite high, and by 2023 her personal fortune is estimated at approximately $3 million. But she does not limit her range of interests only to modeling. She took violin lessons, practiced drawing, and later became interested in sports, preferring a completely ungirly form - boxing.


Laneya Grace. Laneya Grace.

It turned out that she was physically unable to study at a regular school: the busy schedule of filming and shows did not allow her to spend precious time on lessons. Instead, in every free minute, Laneya studied according to an individual program with teachers at home, because the prospect of being left without an education did not appeal to her.


Laneya Grace. Laneya Grace.

In one of her interviews, the girl admitted that she dreams of becoming an actress and is already taking certain steps in this direction. Moreover, her screen debut has already taken place, though not yet in a movie, but in Avicii’s music video for the song Wake Me Up. The clip was a success, and the young model attracted attention. Laneya Grace. Laneya Grace.

While Laneya was little, her social network pages were run by her father instead of the girl, but now the model herself posts new photos and, according to some sources, advertises various goods and services on her blog, which also brings the girl some income. The model is now 17 years old, she is actively preparing to enter university and continues to collaborate with America's leading modeling agencies, Wilhelmina Model, and JE Model Management. The girl has a younger sister, with whom the model is very friendly. From Laneya’s posts on social networks, one can understand that her family remains her highest value. She invariably very touchingly congratulates her loved ones on significant holidays and thanks them for their participation in her life. Laneya Grace with her sister and parents.


Laneya Grace with her sister and parents.

She calls her mother her main inspiration in life and admits that she is the one who makes her strive for excellence every day. But at the same time, especially warm words come from her and addressed to her father. She promises him to never forget what he has done and continues to do for her. Laneya Grace always remembers being an introverted and shy child in her early childhood. But she transformed herself in front of the camera, and then carried these changes into everyday life. Today the girl has not only fame and money, but also many friends whom she values ​​very much. Laneya Grace with her sister and parents. Laneya Grace with her sister and parents. Laneya Grace became one of those who were called the most beautiful children in the world.


Unfortunately, not everyone’s fate is as successful as that of the girl with elven eyes.

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