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A girl from Kazakhstan spoke about her affair with Armie Hammer, which was “cancelled” in Hollywood because of a scandal



Marina Gris (Photo: marinagris/Instagram) and Armie Hammer (Photo: Maximilian Bühn/Wikipedia)

The personal life of actor Armie Hammer, who three years ago was “cancelled” in Hollywood after accusations of rape, love for cruel BDSM practices and even cannibalism, today again in the spotlight. First, the media reported that the 37-year-old actor was getting married again, and then a refutation came: yes, Army was engaged, but not for long.

It turns out that the actor had an affair with a  girl from Kazakhstan, 26-year-old Marina Gris. She lives in Prague and works in the IT field - the media call her an “IT consultant”. As the tabloid Page Six notes, on her pages on social networks Marina described herself as a girl who is “attracted to psychopaths.”


Marina Gris Marina Gris/Photo: marinagris/Instagram

How Armie Hammer and Marina Gris met, when exactly the romance began and how long it lasted is unknown. There are no photos together with Armie Hammer in which his face would be clearly visible, but there are photos pointing to a mysterious American boyfriend. The girl often published photographs of bouquets that Hammer apparently sent her, and confessed her love to him. Armie Hammer liked all these posts.


Marina Gris announced her engagement with this photo/Photo: marinagris/Instagram


This photo is supposedly shows Marina Gris and Armie Hammer/Photo: marinagris/Instagram

In October, Marina announced that she was getting married and published a photo of the ring. She did not mention the name of the groom. Today, when Western media began writing about the engagement of the star of the film “Call Me by Your Name,” Marina had to publicly comment on the topic. “Being in reflection, I announce the end of our journey with Army, a chapter that was very personal and very significant in my life and which ended a month ago,” Gris made this statement on her Instagram.

In her address, Gris also touched upon the scandal surrounding Armie, who was accused of rape by several women, and stated that she knows about all the stories that are constantly discussed in the media, but her experience with Armie was “positive and has nothing in common with these accusations." 

"I speak only for myself and share my views and experiences and am not responsible for any of his past, current or future relationships. In our relationship, I felt deeply valued, supported, loved and understood. Towards me he was always a gentleman in every sense of the word. Our decision to get married and plans for a future together were strong and grew out of support and deep care for each other,” Marina said.

The girl did not go into the reasons for breaking up with the actor, noting that the breakup was “difficult,” and the decision about it was made jointly, with gratitude and respect for each other and became “a wonderful ending to this story.”

In conclusion, the girl thanked Armie Hammer for his love and support and wished him all the best: “May Army be happy and content, and may I cherish the memories of our relationship, in which there was a lot of laughter and happy moments.” Be happy, baby." 

The scandal surrounding Armie Hammer broke out three years ago when correspondence of the actor, who was married at that time, was leaked online.After this one by one stories began to appear about other adventures of the actor, which featured: physical and psychological violence against women, including manipulation and total control, dreams of cannibalism, the “pain room,” which he equipped in home, various BDSM practices, including shibari, and more. At first, Armie Hammer denied everything, but when the media found his secret Instagram account, he made a public statement and admitted mistakes . The official position of the actor and his lawyers: yes, he loves non-standard practices, but he never forced anyone to do anything against their will, everything was by consent and mutual desire. Nevertheless, the actor agreed to go to a rehab for treatment for addiction.


Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet in the movie "Call Me by Your Name"

However, all these actions did not help, and an incredible scandal still broke out: Armie Hammer, who, after the success of the film “Call Me by Your Name,” restarted his career and who, being froman influential family of billionaires, was always far from gossip and scandals, fell under a large-scale “cancellation”, having lost contracts, work in Hollywood and family. Finding himself almost broke, Army found a job in real estate in the Cayman Islands and I lived there for the last few years. The actor's ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers, who divorced him shortly before the scandal, said that she didn't even suspect about her husband's inclinations. This whole story was reflected in the divorce proceedings of the spouses -in matters of custody of their two children.

The case was not limited to just unfounded accusations: the actor's ex-girlfriend reported him to the police, and the prosecutor's office began an investigation into the rape case. As a result, the investigation reached a dead end: it turned out that in a situation of “his word against her word” it is impossible to prove whether sex was consensual or not, and all charges against the actor were dropped. A documentary film was immediately released about the history of Army and his family, which had many secrets, and he himself gave a long interview, saying that as a child he was sexually abused (he was abused by a pastor) and thought about suicide. Now the actor is starting to rebuild his career and a couple of months agoreturned to Instagram.

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