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Why did 14-year-old daughter of Jennifer Lopez refuse to be a girl?


During the concert, the singer announced that her heiress Emma is now a non-binary person and should be referred to as "they".

During a concert at a stadium in Los Angeles, American singer Jennifer Lopez announced that her 14-year-old daughter Emma is a non-binary person. J. Lo brought the girl to the stage and sang a duet with her. At the same time, the star noted that Emma now needs to be addressed as “they”.

- The last time we performed together at a large stadium, and I asked them to sing all the songs with me, but they refused. So today is a special event. They are very, very busy. And they are expensive! But I am ready to give a fortune to perform with them at least every day, because they are my favorite partner on stage, ”said Jennifer.

Emma was born in the marriage of Jennifer Lopez with singer Marc Anthony. The girl has a brother Max, they are twins. J Lo and Marc Anthony divorced in 2011 after seven years of marriage. In adolescence, the singer's daughter radically changed her image. She cut her hair short and started wearing loose T-shirts and baggy jeans. Fans have long asked the singer in social networks questions about the oddities of her daughter, but the star ignored them. 


The singer's daughter Emma made a short haircut and began to wear loose clothes. Photo: EAST NEWS

Jennifer decided to let her daughter decide for herself whether she was a boy or a girl. Many of the singer's star colleagues adhere to the same views. So, the son of Hollywood star Charlize Theron Jackson has long been walking around Beverly Hills in girlish outfits. The actress has adopted two black children, Jackson and August, and has recently emphasized that she has "two beautiful girls."

Yes, I thought he was a boy too. Until at the age of three he looked at me and said: "I'm not a boy!". That's all! I have two beautiful daughters, whom, like any parent, I want to protect and see successful, Charlize said in an interview.


J Lo stated that Emma is a non-binary person. J Lo stated that Emma is a non-binary person. Photo: EAST NEWS

The son of Hollywood stars Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber, Sam has also been wearing dresses for a long time. The guy recently graduated from high school. He came to the prom in a beautiful white dress, with flowing long hair, with makeup and orange manicure. They say that Sammy's style was formed as a result of experiments with his mother's wardrobe. Naomi didn't object.

Another boy who loves girly outfits is the son of actors Megan Fox and Austin Green Noah. Megan once complained in an interview that they laugh at the boy at school, but she doesn’t care: she is ready to support him in everything.

The son of the singer Madonna also decided to declare to the whole world about his gender identity. The adopted son of the singer and British director Guy Ritchie, 16-year-old David Banda has been wearing dresses for two years.

Will Smith's son Jaden Smith often poses in women's outfits.

“If I want to wear dresses, I will do it, and this will be the beginning of a new wave,” he once wrote on social networks. Emma has a brother Max, they are twins.


Emma has a brother Max, they are twins. Photo: EAST NEWS

But the eldest daughter of actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Shiloh, who from the age of three demanded to call her John, recently switched to a more feminine style. From childhood, the girl wore boys' clothes and categorically refused dresses, cut her hair short and copied her brothers in everything. But recently, she has let her hair grow long and began to choose things that can rightly be called girlish. The girl was seriously interested in dancing. Perhaps this is what influenced her perception of herself.

Daughter Jennifer Lopez refused to be a girl 14-year-old Emma, ​​daughter of Jennifer Lopez, has declared herself a "non-binary person." Now you need to address her as "they". There are more and more children of Hollywood stars who are confused with gender.


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