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10-year-old son Naomi Watts almost completed the transformation into a girl



Gender tolerance in Hollywood is gaining momentum and knows no restraint.


Famous parents, following the newfangled trends, allow their young children to look their way. And no comments on this matter or persuasion ... 


Following progressive mothers Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Megan Fox, 50-year-old Naomi Watts began to let her child look like a person of the opposite sex.

The actress's 10-year-old son, Sammy, is now wearing girls' clothes and jewelry.


The boy wears his hair long and there are only bright skirts, blouses and dresses in his wardrobe.

Once, at a comic book festival, Sammy appeared not in the costume of all the boys' favorite hero - Batman, but in a princess dress. Sammy was wearing a blond wig then, and put on professionally made up.


Not so long ago, the paparazzi took some pictures of Naomi walking with her 10-year-old son. The boy looked like a girl again.

He put on shell beads around his neck, and a bracelet with small pendants on his leg. On the child's hand, you can count a dozen multi-colored hair ties.


Naomi Watts does not see anything wrong with this and in every possible way encourages Sammy in his desire to look like a girl. She easily takes her son to social events and does not is not embarrassed about this at all.


How things really are in the family of a celebrity and why her child looks like this, Naomi never told.




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