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10 awesome Johnny Depp's movies you must see



It seems that absolutely any image suits him: from a dramatic character to a crazy paranoid. 

"A Nightmare on Elm Street"


Photo:still from the film

Horror, 1984

Director - Wes Craven

Also starring Heather Langenkamp, ​​John Saxon, Robert Englund

About what: the first part of the cult horror series by Wes Craven is interesting not only for the plot, but also for the bright debut role of Johnny Depp. A young, still unknown actor performs a boyfriend of the main character. By the way, at the time of working on the picture, Depp was only 21 years old and he performed all the tricks for the role on his own. This film literally opened the way for a novice and talented actor to the big cinema, and the horror series became a cult one.

"Cry Baby"


Photo:still from the film

Comedy, 1990

Director - John Waters

Also starring Amy Locane, Susan Tyrrell

About what: This comedy musical is the embodiment of the spirit of the 50s. Provocative main characters, dressed up girls and many, many songs and dances. The film tells the story of a daring bully Crybaby, who drives every girl crazy with his bizarre ability to shed a single tear. It is not surprising that an exemplary girl soon falls in love with a guy, but the happiness of the young couple is under threat, because they are two bright representatives of completely different strata of society.

"Arizona Dream"


Photo:still from the film

Drama, 1991

Director - Emir Kusturica

Also starring Jerry Lewis, Faye Dunaway

About what : the controversial movie of Emir Kusturica is famous for its non-standard and absolutely illogical plot, both for viewers and film critics. The film tells about the main character Axel, played by Depp, and his entourage, dreaming of the incomprehensible. Someone wants to turn into a turtle and live a carefree life, another heroine has serious plans to build an airplane and fly to distant New Guinea. In reality, the film only at first glance seems meaningless, but in fact it touches on eternal philosophical questions.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape?


Photo:still from the film

Drama, 2003

Director - Lasse Hallstrom

Also starring - Leonardo DiCaprio, Juliet Lewis

About what: the brilliant work of young Johnny Depp in this dramatic film was enthusiastically received by critics and still remains the best in the actor's filmography. The drama of Lasse Hallström tells about the difficult fate of Depp's hero, who is forced to follow his mentally retarded younger brother all day long. But soon the depressing world of the protagonist changes: a pretty girl temporarily stops in the city, sunk into the soul of a young guy. Now the hero must make a choice between the old life and the new meaning in the face of the girl.

Ed Wood


Photo:still from the film

Drama, comedy, 1994

Director - Tim Burton

Also starring Martin Landau, Sarah Jessica Parker

About what: Johnny Depp's next talented work, which brought him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor. Director Tim Burton managed to create an atmosphere of black and white cinema, recreating a unique magic, reinforcing it with impeccable acting. So, the semi-biographical plot of the movie is built around the once real director Edward Davis Wood, Jr., who gained fame as the worst director of all time. Invaluated during his lifetime, Ed Wood received a long-awaited calling after his death. A magnificent tragicomedy of an equally amazing director is a must-see for every fan of Burton and Depp's work.

"Finding Neverland"


Photo:still from the film

Drama, 2004

Directed by Marc Forster

Also starring Kate Winslet, Freddie Highmore

About what: a beautiful story tells about the writer, thanks to whom the world learned the story of Peter Pan. Not the most sought-after author of books performed by Johnny Depp meets a charming woman, the mother of four children. Unexpectedly for all of them, this meeting overturns the whole meaning of life. Sincerely loving the children of a woman, the writer wants to write a story about a little boy who forever decided to stay in the world of childhood. A heartfelt, inspirational and dramatic picture is bound to replenish the list of your favorite films.

"Dead Man"


Photo:still from the film

Drama, western, 1995

Director - Jim Jarmusch

Also starring - Gary Farmer, Crispin Glover

About what: Jim Jarmusch's completely ambiguous, philosophical movie is a real art house and tells the story of an unlucky accountant, ironically, the complete namesake of the English poet William Blake, who arrived in a fictional town in the Wild West. The black-and-white style of the film, an unusual storyline, philosophical monologues of the main characters, psychedelic compositions for the picture - all this makes "Dead Man" an extraordinary film, the true meaning of which not everyone can understand.



Photo:still from the film

War drama, 1986

Director - Oliver Stone

Also starring Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe

About what: Oliver Stone's war drama is rightfully considered a cult film. The film tells about the real hell of the Vietnam War, all the pain of which the main characters had to see and feel with their own eyes. In particular, the character - volunteer Chris Taylor has to face not so much the enemies of the Vietnamese, but also contemplate the real, bloody battle of sergeants of his own regiment. The Oscar-winning film, according to film critics, conveyed the events of the Vietnam War as closely as possible and in paints tells about the real horrors of those days.

"From hell"


Photo:still from the film Thriller, 2001

Director - Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes

Also starring Heather Graham, Ian Holm

What: The film follows a series of mysterious murders in England in 1888. This time, Depp tried on the image of a police inspector with a certain gift: under the influence of opium, a man can dream about future events. The picture turned out to be incredibly colorful, the plot is confusing, and Depp's game is flawless.



Photo:still from the film

Melodrama, 2000

Director - Lasse Hallstrom

Also starring Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench

About what: the measured life of a small French town is unexpectedly disturbed by a young woman arriving with her daughter. The main character rents a small room and turns it into a pastry shop. Local residents, from an easy hand of the mayor of the city, treat the newcomers with contempt, which does not bother the heroine at all. Great actors, a beautiful, uncomplicated plot, permeated with the French atmosphere of the 50s, simply cannot leave the viewer indifferent. In addition, the soundtrack to the picture is a real find for all connoisseurs of musical art.



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