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Serebro lead singer Olga Seryabkina opens up about Same Gender Love


Olga Seryabkina likes to share personal details on Instagram. Recently she decided to share a provocative photo with her colleague Kate Kischuk and encourages followers to talk about same-gender love.

According to Seryabkina, she herself had long made her choice and preferes male partners, but does not condemn anyone who has an affair with the people of same gender. Her gross monologue on Instagram has already got likes of more than 2.5 thousand people:

"I am for freedom in all its manifestations. The Internet is full of different video, in which boys and girls tell why they like the people of their own gender. They are no longer afraid to speak openly about it. And I really think that these people - the heroes! I always respected and will respect those who are not afraid of any of gossip and does not depend on other people's opinions. Even if they live in a country where it could be understood the wrong way. I wonder what it wouId be like to be one of the guys, in spite of my own experience. Those who have read my book, know what I'm talking about. I just want to say that love does not distinguish gender or appearance, and furthermore is not subject to anyone's opinion. It is comprehensive".

In a recent interview, Seryabkina admitted: 

"My book will stand on the shelves marked "18+". Of course, I understand, because of what poem. It's called Katya. I thought for a long time if it was worth publishing, but then I realized that it was worth it. I wrote it sincerely. What you read is my diary. I told about my experience. This verse was written about my friend - many years later, when we no longer had any relationship. I'm not saying that I am a Lesbian, although I do not see anything wrong with that. It's just that in our country it's not customary to talk about this. I want to be myself. Yes, I had female lovers, it's true. Up to a certain age. Up to 20 years.


While Olga Seryabkina shares private details, SEREBRO band producer Maxim Fadeev solves the different problem. He was looking for a third group soloist who will take Paulina Favorskaya's place.

"I know I have to make a decision. And every day thinking how to proceed, not to be mistaken. We are more than a month every day asking - if we will look for a third soloist? Frankly, when I created the band, I knew it would not be easy. But that is so ... The principle of the "triangle". Conflicts, misunderstandings, reconciliation. Much has changed for 10 years. Girls become tolerant to each other. Maybe I should really close the issue with the search and leave the two singers? - asks Fadeev. So what does the Serebro band will look like with a new soloist? We recall that the new Serebro band member is 19-year old Tanya Morgunova.


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