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Prince Ernst August of Hanover marred the Russian designer Ekaterina Malysheva

Принц Ганноверский Эрнст Август и Екатерина Малышева

Prince of Hanover Ernst August and Ekaterina Malysheva

This happens not only in a fairy tale. The 31-year-old Ekaterina Malysheva married the Prince of Hanover, Ernst August, the descendant of King George III of Great Britain. The couple tied the knot at the City Hall of the German city of Hanover in a narrow circle of relatives and friends. Now Malysheva - Her Royal Highness the Princess of Hanover and the Duchess of Braunschweig-Luneburg. The bride was in a light silk dress of her own brand Ekat, which she founded in 2013.

However, the real wedding is yet to come. The celebrations at the Marienburg Castle, which belongs to the groom, are scheduled for July 8, 2017. Two hundred guests, celebrities and nobles from all over Europe will attend the wedding in Hanover . It is not known whether Ernst August V Hanover will come to the ceremony: they say that he has not approve of the choice of his son.

Замок Мариенбург

Schloss Marienburg 

Ekaterina Malysheva was born in Russia, spent most of her childhood in the Czech Republic, and studied in the UK, where she founded her brand of clothing. Before the wedding, Ekaterina and Ernst August dated for six years. Prince proposed her in August 2016 during a holiday on the Greek island of Spetses.

Принц Ганноверский Эрнст Август и Екатерина Малышевас родственниками и друзьями

Prince of Hanover Ernst August and Ekaterina Malysheva with relatives and friends



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