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"Golden Girl" of London Julia Stakhiva

British journalists have two favorite topics - the representatives of the royal family and the heirs to the multimillion fortunes. In recent years, the main star of the local media has become a 24-year-old student Julia Stakhiva.

Julia Stakhiva lives life, that millions of girls around the world dream of.

Today the name of Julia Stakhiva receives the higher proportion of citations than the names of the representatives of the British royal family. 24-year-old blonde is the daughter of food manufacturer, who is involved in the production of tomato paste. The girl's parents are living and working in Ukraine, and she lives in London for 7 years.

Julia became known after she took part in the TV show "The rich kids of Instagram». "People might think I'm spoiled, but I was born into a wealthy family - it's not my fault," – said the girl.

Fashion addiction of the girl is very predictable – she consumes fancy new and designer clothes. Wardrobe of "golden girl" is estimated at half a million pounds.

In an interview with British television show This Morning, she told that she received her first expensive thing at the age of 9 years. It was a Louis Vuitton bag. Since then, luxury has become an integral part of her life. There are more than 100 pairs of shoes in her closet, and this collection is increasing every month for 3-4 pairs.

Julia Stakhiva, like many other heirs to the multimillion fortunes, decided to become involved in fashion. Julia is studying fashion theory at one of London's universities and hits boutiques in her spare time. Stakhiva shares unique shopping experience on her Instagram.

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