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Daughter of the Vladimir Putin's Press Secretary Liza Peskova shocked Cannes by transparent dress


    Daughter of Dmitry Peskov charmed Cannes with her naked back

    In the evening on May 28, the closing ceremony of the 70th Cannes Film Festival was held. The last time this year the stars gathered again on the red carpet at the Palace of Festivals. Particular attention was paid to the daughter of Dmitry Peskov, 19-year-old Liza. She put on a floor length lace dress with an open back. The choice of the girl was also noted by the guests of the closing ceremony, and the girl's subscribers: "If your photo was shown to the world in the nineteenth century, everyone would think that the Queen is in front of them!", "Impeccable sense of taste!", "Photography is art, and you are his Creator! "," Very beautiful !!! 

    Daughter of Dmitry Peskov Liza attended the Cannes Film Festival: the heiress of the press secretary of the Russian president visited the closing ceremony. The girl chose a dress with an open back of the Moroccan brand Kacem Sahl Haute couture.


    From the side it seemed that Liza chose a transparent outfit for the secular exit. However, looking closely, you can see that Liza's dress is sewn from a fabric of a flesh-colored hue and is abundantly decorated with embroidery and paillettes. Thanks to nude tones, the effect of transparency and "nudity" is created - although in reality the outfit was decent. In addition, of course, a spectacular cutout from behind, completely exposing the girl's back. The attractive blonde was confident on the red carpet and was not outshined by the Hollywood celebrities.


    Elizaveta does not admit to whom she came to Cannes, but most likely she joined the current wife of her father - Olympic champion Tatiana Navka.

    Tatiana was invited to the film festival as the "face" of a well-known jewelry brand. The sportswoman brought her daughter Sasha Zhulina with her. Mom and daughter visited the premiere of the film "Fatal temptation" directed by Sofia Coppola and several parties of the Cannes festival, where Alexandra was photographed with celebrities. There were joint selfies with Bella Hadid and Naomi Campbell on her Instagram.

    19-year-old Elizaveta Peskova became the star of the closing of the Cannes festival


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