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Vodianova thanked her husband for refusing to anorexic models

Two French fashion-giants made a statement, which is already being called the beginning of a new fashion revolution: dozens of fashion houses around the world have decided to permanently ban thin models.

Two group, which owns dozens of fashion houses worldwide, issued a bill of model rights. They undertake not to invite girls with XS and smaller size to the castings.

Two years ago, France passed a law that introduces a huge penalties and even threatened with jail for fashion designers who use thin models. But the fashion world lives by its own laws, and French deputies could not find out where the line between harmony and painful thinness. But now, when the case took two major players of the fashion market, experts predict that hegemony of super-skinny models is really coming to an end. And not only in France, but all over the world.

Almost all the active rejection of thin models lobbied hereditary fashion-mogul Antoine Arnault. His family owns just one of the concerns, in addition, he is the husband of Natalia Vodianova. After the new rules were announced the supermodel has published photo of Arnaud on Instagram with the caption: "Does this include a shoulder massage late at night and coffee in bed in the morning? Luckily someone is taking care of our well-being, my fellow colleagues Thank you, my love @antoinearnault for this important initiative. I know how hard you worked to make it happen! #ModelsCharter

So it is possible that Natalia Vodianova inspired her husband on such changes.

Recall, 5 years ago Natalia Vodianova told  about problems of models at Harvardin. The model opened up how she coped with the eating disorder. According to her, the models experiencing problems, because they do not always have access to the psychological assistance that they need: "They are usually very young and do not know how to cope with recognition. But even more difficult for them to withstand constant criticism. Models should be able to seek consultations with specialists, so as not to be alone with the gremlins in your head. " Vodianova's speech was designed to cool the fervor of girls who dream of becoming like her. One of the female students asked the model how ordinary girls should put up with the very fact of the existence of such ideal creatures like her. "Everything is more complicated than it seems. Everything has a price to pay. You should not be guided by me, but look for positive sides in yourself and move on, "Vodianova replied.

"I knew only one thing: I need to lose weight, without any conversation." Gradually, I became more and more nervous, started to lose my hair, felt constantly tired, I think I was at the edge of the abyss. "A doctor friend saved me, he opened my eyes and explained , that I am destroying myself, now everything is ok, "- said Vodyanova during the New York Fashion Week, where the problem of obesity and anorexia was discussed.

Natalia's story hit like a bombshell, producing an explosion of comments...

"It's the environment," she said, "where they know how to exert pressure where they impose behavior." I started participating in the shows four years ago and did not understand what was happening, I was forced to perceive my body from a certain angle. Everyone wanted me to be very thin, I killed myself. "

Then Natalia told us about the difficulties she had to experience very recently when she became a mom: weight gain, in her case it's 4-5 kg, efforts to remove this extra weight ("many stylists did not like it") , constant weighing, great fatigue. However, Vodyanova said: "I'm happy because this is an important period for me, I get a lot of suggestions, I can not pay attention to critics, but I see a lot of girls starting a career, coming from poor families and ready for anything, to realize a dream and remain a model for as long as possible: they risk very much. " Natalia knows what she's talking about: she jokes about the constant food difficulties that arose first - when she was a child - because of the meager family budget, and now - because of the thinness imposed on her by the magical world of fashion. Natalia's height is 176 cm, weight does not reach 50 kg. Her body mass index is 16. According to WHO criteria she is too thin.


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