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She's transparent! Natalia Vodianova lost even more weight and looks anorexic

Natalia Vodianova's fans surprised with her new photos.

All models keep their figures and in any way try to maintain the ideal shape. And Natalia Vodianova is no exception. Mom of five children, it seems, looks the same slender, as in her youth. And recently she lost weight even more, fans even began to worry for her.

Vodianova shared with her subscribers another "space" photo (remember, the beauty likes to appear before followers in the images of extraterrestrials). Followers also paid attention not only to her unusual costume, but also to her skinny legs and very thin hands. Publication from Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova) Feb 17, 2018 at 6:29 PST

"Very beautiful, but too thin," they concluded in the comments. And they asked Natalia how much she weighs. "55 kilograms", - admitted Vodianova. At the same time, the growth of the model is 176 cm.

What is the secret of Vodianova's harmony? Those who follow her life know that she regularly does yoga. About the other secrets of harmony of the top model told Natasha's mom Larissa Viktorovna.

"The daughter enjoys yoga", - she said. - She started practising long ago, when she barely gave birth to her first-born Lucas. She started under the guidance of a coach, but now she has mastered all asanas and can do it herself when there is time and desire. At the same time, Natalia is unlikely to pursue the goal of losing weight. Her goal is to strengthen the muscles, give them tone, get a charge of vivacity. Natasha have no tendency towards corpulence genetically. In addition, she is very reasonable about eating. She does not sit on diets, except for sympathy for feeding on the blood group. She does burn calories, 'cause she is constantly at work, and five children require care. That's the whole recipe for her harmony. "

By the way, this year Vodianova is not the only thinner celebrity. Victoria Beckham, who easily fit into the sports bag of her own brand, Victoria Bonya, whose jeans fell from her, and many others. Well, it's no wonder: Spring is coming soon, and we think the course for slimness should be taken by all the girls!

Natalia Vodianova was not so thin a few months ago. More photos. Photo: @natasupernova

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