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Natalia Vodianova shared a photo with children and Antoine Arnault

    Antoine Arnault and Natalia Vodianova with children

    On World Children's Day, celebrated on November 20, Natalia Vodianova shared a nice picture of her big family.

    Natalia Vodianova with Antoine Arnault and children 

    The 35-year-old model decided to use the official date to remind everyone of the importance of motherhood and childhood: Every child is worthy of a family, unconditional love, happiness and hope. I wish all the best to all mothers and those who dream of motherhood! #World Baby's Day PS. In the photo the whole of my detachment - including the oldest one himself))))

    In the picture, shared to Instagram, Natalia is seen with a three-year-old son Maxim in her arms and surrounded by all her other children: 15-year-old Lucas, 11-year-old Neva, 10-year-old Victor and 1-year-old Roman. Antoine Arnault, who became the father of two younger sons of Vodianova, is photographed near the Russian supermodel and children.

    Natalia Vodianova


    Natalia Vodianova with her daughter Neva in Paris

    Наталья Водянова

    Natalia Vodianova with her daughter Neva



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