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Natalia Vodianova gets in shape after giving birth: the model returned to the practice of Yoga

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After the birth of fifth child Roman - a second son of the French businessman Antoine Arnault - supermodel returned on the podium after the delivery in record time - just three weeks after the baby's born. Vodianova quickly got in perfect shape, and yoga classes have helped her do it. Natalia achieved the great results. For example, she can make selfie without using her hands, thus making stand on the blades.

Just two months ago Natalia Vodianova became a mother for the fifth time, and has recently returned to the yoga classes and has demonstrated sarvangasana asana or stand on the blades. Natalia showed excellent body control and made a selfie (we would not recommend repeating this without preparation).

Looking at Vodianova, it is difficult to believe that she is the mother of five children. She has three children - sons Lucas, Alexander, Victor and daughter Neva from her husband, a British aristocrat Justin Portman. After the divorce, the Russian supermodel fell in love with Antoine Arnault, the couple has two sons.

Natalya Vodyanova Photo: @natasupernova (Instagram Natalia Vodianova)

In interviews Natalia repeatedly admitted that she loves to do yoga and pilates, but tries not gain muscle mass.

I was slightly concerned that doing yoga and Pilates, I quickly get powerful arms and shoulders. Everybody likes it, but not me. I can not stand thick arms and shoulders. I want to have a feminine body, but do not be too thin, I want to be toned, but not with thick arms. - Natalia said.

Natalia Vodianova

It is worth noting that the fifth pregnancy had no effect on the active life of the star. She went to fashion shows and attended social events, participated in business forums and, of course, was involved in charity. But two months before the birth Natalia arrived in Moscow with all her children to present the new collection of the Russian brand and also to visit with the family her native Nizhny Novgorod. Then Natalia returned to Paris, where on July 4 she gave birth to her fifth baby. By the way, the first picture of her fifth child Roman Arnault she has published a couple of days after giving birth.


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