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How much oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov spends on models

Oligarch and hedonist Mikhail Prokhorov buys not only profitable stocks and basketball teams, but also the female attention. 50-year-old businessman sometimes spends on long-legged models no smaller amounts than on the Brooklyn Nets and luxurious residence in Skolkovo. had a talk with the model Alexandra (name has been changed to preserve anonymity), participated in the casting of Mikhail Prokhorov. They have learned the details of the selection of the girls and found out preferences of oligarch.

How does a casting like that work? What are the stages?

Before the main selection of models with the customer, Mikhail Prokhorov, all models participate in the pre-selection process. Three girls are responsible for selecting candidates for Prokhorov. One of them - Tanya Blair has her own agency, the names of the other two are unknown to me. I only know that they have long been working with Prokhorov and pick up girls for events: parties, trips abroad and so on.

When unsuitable candidates are cut out, lucky ones are asked to wear bathing suits. Prokhorov is already present at this part of the show, and he makes the final selection.

How to find out about the next model casting?

Girls hear about it through the grapevine: if one is invited she will call her friends-models. Therefore many girls participate in the pre-selection process, some of them are not from Moscow, but from the regions. They, by the way, traveling expenses and accommodation are included.

Where do the auditions take place?

All of them take place in the office of Mikhail Prokhorov, near the restaurant "Stork" on Tverskoy Boulevard. It is equipped with a special studio with a podium and a professional light. Three girls watch girls the first. They know the preferences of Michael and say goodbye to those who he definitely won't like.

What type of girls does Prokhorov like?

Girls who make the cut have no magnificent forms. When I participated in the casting for the second time, I did not pass because of the roundness of the hips. Girls with large breasts are usually selected for friends of Prokhorov.

Are there some rules for girls who want to participate in the casting?

They involve the model strictly over 18 years.

How was your first audition?

I, like many of the girls who come for the first time, do not even understand what that casting is and where we were taken? I was scared and found out that it was connected with Mikhail Prokhorov only when I saw him. When I got on stage I saw the two men - Mikhail Prokhorov, and some of his friends. Prokhorov himself sat by watching indifferently. He was talking with friends, when one of his employees was reading my profile with the measurements.

And what happens next, after casting in the office?

They announce who is selected for further activities: dinner at BeefBar and partying in Soho Rooms. I refused to go for the night. They gave me $ 100 just for taking part in the casting.

The model is simply paid $ 100 for having walked on the catwalk?

Yes, that’s why many girls agree to participate in this casting. It is very easy money.

How many girls get paid for dinner at the restaurant and a night club? What girls need to do there?

Girls also get $ 100 for dinner at the Soho Rooms and BeefBar. That is, if they are really liked and have been selected to all events, they will earn $ 300 right away: $ 100 for casting, a restaurant and a club. But these girls are very few. Usually most of them are cut out during paid audition and a few are invited to the Soho Rooms after BeefBar. The restaurant girls should just sit at the table of Prokhorov, and create an atmosphere of fun and celebration. Mikhail as well as his friends may not appear. In this case, you just sit with the girls, talk and eat, and you get paid for it. The same thing is happening in Soho Rooms: girls are having fun, drinking and dancing in his rented VIP-box. By the way, there were occasions when Prokhorov did not come to Soho.

Are girls offered to continue communication after a party in neutral territory?

Of course, the continuation of the night depends on the girls themselves and their behavior. One of my friends who spent time in the VIP-box of Prokhorov said he did not allow himself a leeway. If you don't give them a reason, the friends of Prokhorov won't make you offer.

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