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"As a child I did not know how to smile": how did Natalia Vodianova go from fruit trader to a supermodel


She is called "modern Cinderella." Natalia Vodianova's life really looks like a fairy tale: a poor girl from the provinces made a brilliant career and became the most famous and popular Russian model.

Her childhood was not easy. The father left the family when Natasha was just two years old. They lived modestly. Mother married several times, but both times chose the "wrong" men. Natasha's sister Oksana was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and the child's father gave her mother an ultimatum: "If you take her home, I'm leaving." And he made an ultimatum.

Since then, the family had to abandon the usual way of life. Natasha was the only mom's maid.

"I learned to cook, wash, clean the apartment, to feed her sister, wash her... As soon as I came home from school I let go mother to work," - says the model in an interview. 

Money wasn't enough, and Natalia's mother decided to do street trading. The girl was only 11 years old, but she was standing outside in the heat and cold, selling fruit, brought from the wholesale market. Classmates insulted her for being a salesgirl, having sister-disabled, made fun of her school failures and excessive thinness. About his youth Natalia says so:

"As a child I did not know how to smile. I was not very social. At school I did not even have friends. And I did not trust anyone. All perceived in a negative light, was very irritable, quickly became aggressive. Could easily hit. I always had to run in order to survive."

At 17, the girl got a boyfriend, who attended modeling school. He not only invited Natasha to school, but also supported her studies and paid her fees. Three months later, she received a diploma, and some time later was invited to qualify for work in modeling agencies in Europe. But she had to come to the casting on high heels and mini, which the girl simply did not have. Natasha's mini skirt pulled from her mother's skirt became her "lucky ticket" - an invitation to the Paris model agency.

"I did not think that I would succeed. All I wanted - earn enough to ensure the safety of my mother and sister ", - says Natalia later.

Vodianova's fairytale beauty won the most famous designers. She became the face of well-known brands, and the most beautiful Russian model.

At the age of 19, the model married an English aristocrat Justin Portman and soon gave birth to a son. But it is not only ruined her, but brought it to a new level.  

"It was madness to have children then. But I was in love, and it seemed more important than anything else in the world. If I found out that my daughter got pregnant at 18, I would have killed her for sure ", - joked Vodianova. 

Now Natalia is 35, she married a second time, has five children. She is still beautiful and charming, but not so often walks down the runway, trying to devote more time to family and charity. In 2004 she founded her own foundation "Naked Heart", which is engaged in the construction of playgrounds and helping children with special needs.

Having fabulous heights, Natalia Vodianova has remained good, sincere, bright and modest girl. Despite the difficulties she had experienced, she has learned to move forward and fulfill her dreams.

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