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Pin-Up illustration by artist Andrei Tarusov

Moscow pin-up artist Andrei Tarusov now lives in Los Angeles and draws calendars and posters in pin-up style, raising funds through the popular crowdfunding platforms. He's one of the most successful fundraisers the ever had. Nowadays, the masterpieces of pin-up illustrator are fairly well-known in Russia and beyond it.

Andrei Tarusov’s most devastatingly heroines - beautiful women with magnificent forms. Sweet-bosomed maidens, brunets and blondes, vital, sunburnt, carefree—were created by artists long before Tarusov. But Tarusov is the only one who uses art in new and unexpected ways and can combine a vast panorama of Crimea with the old Soviet iconography as well as Constitution with glamour… an unexpected yet brilliant combination. What is new and where the pioneering energy of an artist lies.

Tarusov's calendar "Beware of Crimea":


Artist depicted various winter sports for the calendar dedicated to Olympic games in Sochi.

He depicted in the usual style the heroines of "Game of thrones".

Pin-up influenced a painter, who portrayed the legendary characters (for instance Ygritte or Ellaria) without clothing. "Suddenly, a good idea occurred to me. I draw pictures for my vkontakte group and once posted the work with the image of Cersei. The audience was delighted and responded positively, so I decided to continue. “Game of thrones” I watched with my wife and I think the most cutest heroine is Messandei. Although they are all nice", — says Andrei.

In 2012, the artist made a thematic calendar "Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012" about the end of the world.

His latest calendar is dedicated to cities of America. Tarusov is attracted to the bright lights of the big cities. Las Vegas and New Orleans for artist are the towns of high spirits and fun. The city lights are as pretty as the girls, depicted by Tarusov. These pictures make you want to take a plane to Florlda, San-Francisco or Hawaii. The symbol of glorious old Hollywood is an actress who opens the door and makes you want to go to Hollywood, to see the film stars.



Andrew Trusov has published on his website a new original series of illustrations that answer the question "what would happen if the Director of the famous Disney cartoons was Tim Burton". Previously, the artist Tarusov is also depicted Disney princesses.

One of the most moving scenes of "The Lion King" by the Tarusov takes place on a recognizable spiral hill from "Nightmare before Christmas".

“The little Mermaid”: "Flounder, it seems that the plankton was fermented".

“Sleeping beauty”: the prince and princess looks like Frankenstein and his creature.

"Pinocchio": something went wrong.

Redefining  "Beauty and the Beast" somehow reminiscent of the cartoon Totoro, or Mazzi from Gondoland.


Pin-up illustration dedicated to Disney princesses:



More pin-up works by Andrei Tarusov can be found on his official website.




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