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Timati "invited" Irina Shayk to the "Bachelor" show


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Timati and Irina Shayk

The excitement around the new season of the show "The Bachelor" is already incredibly big. Firstly, the participation of 37-year-old Timati, who was not free until recently, will definitely add entertainment to the program. Secondly, the incomprehensible situation with the presenter Dmitry Kokhno, who could not get from Belarus to Russia for shooting, also did its job - interest in the show increased even more. Well, now Timati himself has launched "heavy artillery". On Instagram, he shared a promo video featuring 34-year-old Russian model Irina Shayk.

It should be noted that the video itself is not new - it was taken from an advertisement for a residential complex in which the model and the rapper starred several years ago. However, the star was voiced this time by another girl, that is, the video was re-edited. In the video, Shayk in a black slip dress calls Timati at the door. When he opens, the model asks if she can get to him on the show. Then Timati is speechless and unable to answer, and she continues: Can you get to the "Bachelor"? What are you stupid, is it possible or not? She asks.

What Timati really wanted to say with this video is still unclear - he kept the intrigue and did not give any explanations, only noting Shayk on it and putting two heart emojis next to her name. The rapper's followers, however, did not quite assume that Shayk was the rapper's new darling. By the way, both Irina and Timati are free now.

Irina has not yet commented on the video - probably, the new version of the old ad will be a complete surprise to her.

Ирина Шейк

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