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Servant of the People: 15 little-known facts about the series with Volodymyr Zelenskyy


Yesterday, November 16, 1 + 1 viewers saw the first episode of the series produced by the Kvartal-95 studio Servant of the People . 15 interesting facts about all three seasons of the series, read further in the material.

1. Work on the series began in the spring of 2015 and ended in the fall.


2. The series Servant of the people filmed in Kyiv in a variety of locations, from the courtyards of nine-story buildings, shopping centers and ending with the Exhibition of Economic Achievements and the former residence of Yanukovych - Mezhyhirya. Sometimes the location was changed three or four times a day.


3. The obscene cry of the soul of Vasily Goloborodko , which was filmed by student 10-B, went on the air "beeped", but shortly before the premiere it hit the network in the original.

4. More than twenty actors were considered for the role of prime minister. See also: Servant of the people (2015): watch online episode 2 (VIDEO)

5. The inauguration of the President was filmed in the Teacher's House with the participation of three hundred actors of mass scenes. And it so happened that during this shooting one of them lost consciousness. Just like it happened to the soldier of the guard of honor at the real inauguration of Petro Poroshenko .

6. The series Servant of the People covers 100 days of the President's reign.


7. During the filming of a scene in a real dental clinic in Lukyanovka, the film crew staged a riot. Just in front of the entrance, real patients began to protest. Like, they made an appointment, but they are not allowed. The situation was settled by Vladimir Zelensky . To settle the conflict, he began to take pictures with people and give them autographs (some even in a passport!).

8. Like his character Vasily Goloborodko, Volodymyr Zelensky likes to ride a bike. The star humorist and actor winds circles around his country house. Often together with her daughter Alexandra . See also: Vladimir Zelensky admitted how much the Servant of the People spent (VIDEO)

9. The soundtracks for the series were written by two famous musicians at once - Dmitry Shurov and Potap . The composition of the first sounds at the beginning. The series ends with chords from the song of Potap and Nastya .

10. The composer of the series was the brother of director Alexei Kiryushchenko Andrey.

11. Director of the series Servant of the People Alexey Kiryushchenko often teased the actors during work. And once he arranged a real test of strength for Vladimir Zelensky . He lured the humorist from the set and played a prank under the heading of Evening Kiev "You were ordered."


12. The budget for one episode of the series is almost $90,000.

13. The day before the elections, on October 24, on the Day of Silence, tents of the "People's President" Goloborodko were set up on the streets of the capital . As part of this action, the promoters handed out postcards to the people of Kiev with various slogans, such as "they will snitch on benefits for officials", "I provide deputies on mandates", "I chandelier after my very predecessors", "Tuples - on ...", "For a simple teacher to live, like the president, well the president, See also: The Servant of the People captivated Ukrainian viewers

14. The first series was a resounding success and became not only the leader of the slot, but also the most rated TV product of the autumn season. Rating - 10.4%, share - 26% for audience 18-54, Ukraine.

15. The creators have announced plans to shoot a second season. It will start with a feature film. Watch the series Servant of the People from Monday to Thursday at 21:00 on 1 + 1 TV channel .


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