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Loboda first showed her daughter, who was born after an affair with the leader of Rammstein: photo

Svetlana Loboda and Till Lindemann


 The singer published the first photo of her baby Tilda on her birthday. Loboda’s daughter turned 1 year old.

The first photo of her daughter Svetlana Loboda posted on "Instagram", reports LigaNews.

Svetlana Loboda posted on "Instagram" photo with the caption: “Our love is 1 year old".

It has long been rumored that Tilda’s father is the famous Rammstein lead singer, Till Lindemann, with whom the singer had a romance a year ago. Svetlana herself does not comment on this information, but does not refute it either.

Recall that rumors about the couple’s romance appeared when it became known on the urgent hospitalization of Svetlana Loboda at night on October 23. According to media reports, the star was brought to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. Last night, the singer was discharged from the hospital. Rammstein leader Till Lindemann took Loboda out of the hospital. Having learned about the hospitalization of Svetlana, Lindemann decided to fly to Moscow.

Later, the couple went to a restaurant to celebrate discharge with dinner in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Till and Svetlana left the restaurant, holding hands, causing a stir among the guests of the establishment. If Loboda and Lindemann wanted to go unnoticed, then they obviously did not succeed.




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